Belt driven automatic openers are the best choice for a quiet and heavy duty performance operator that will allow your access to your garage door easy and stress free. Our openers come with a life time warranty.

The screw drive openers are mostly on the cheap end of the market and provides a slower motion garage door operation. If you are looking to save a little bit of money, this opener is the right one for you.

Even though the chain drive automatic opener is a little bit loud, many home owners equip their garage door with it. It provides heavy duty operating system that will never fail on you even in the coldest days.

screw drive

belt drive

chain drive

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Today we can control the operation of our garage door by pressing a simple button on our remote control or enter 4 digit password on the wireless keypad next to the door. But whoever is doing this wonderful thing, the automatic opener, will fail on you when you lease expect it to. 
Automatic openers are very convenient, very easy and help you a lot when you need it, therefore in Solon Ohio Garage Door Service we ensure that you get the best opener on the market today, along with remote controls, wireless keypad, safety sensors, battery backup and more.
We don't compromise when it comes to safety and the well being of you and your family.

We Are A Family Owned Company.

We Keep You Happy, We Do It Right... Period.

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